6 Key Steps to Sell your Home for the best price

Property Expert Carl Hemming

Property Expert Carl Hemming

Local Property Expert Carl Hemming stopped by to give us a rundown on how best to prepare your home for sale.  Carl has seen first-hand the pitfalls that can cause a home to seem unloved, keeping it unsold, when a little thought and preparation can make a huge difference.

Here Carl shares 6 top tips for selling your home in the shortest time for the best price:


1. Create excitement


It’s important to excite your buyer from the first time they see your sale board, or pull-up outside for a viewing.  The space at the front of your home is your shop-window so it must create an exciting first-impression and entice people to want to see inside. Buyers typically make their minds up within seconds of seeing your property, even before climbing out of their car.


Spend time tidying up the front of yor house. Make sure trees and shrubs are pruned, flower beds neat and tidy, leaves and obstacles removed, entranceways clear of obstructions.  If you have big outdoor bins, ensure they are not front-of-house.


Your front door is surprisingly important to your property appeal.  Be sure that it’s doesn’t look tired or stale, give it a lick of paint, or varnish, whatever it takes to make it welcoming.




2. Keep it clean


Cleanliness and tidiness inside and out are vital.  Buyers expect to see an immaculate home with no sign of dirt.  There is nothing more off-putting than a dirty or unkempt looking home.


Think seriously about turning your house into a ‘Show Home’, to really show it off in the best light and enthuse your visitors.  Think about your kitchen and bathroom in particular.  These rooms really sell your home, they have to be spotless.  Make sure they are.



3. Neutral Colours


If you have wild or eccentric décor in your home it may be time to go neutral.  Neutral colours make it easier for your potential buyers to visualise their new home with their own furniture and colour schemes.   The time taken getting this right will be worth it. Dress your room up with soft furnishings and add a little colour and style.




4. To DIY or not DIY


If your home has a list of jobs that never got done, it might be time to turn your DIY list over to your local handyman.  You don’t want your viewers to be put off by grubby seals or dripping taps and there’s no excuse for allowing jobs like that hinder those first impressions with such an important sale.



5. Hide the Hoard


Less is definitely more.  It’s important your home doesn’t feel claustrophobic or cluttered.  If you have outgrown your home it’s time to start packing and storing your contents and keeping all your spaces as minimal as possible.  Don’t clog up your garage. Store any boxes in a storage unit, or with a friend, either way get them out of the house. Once again it’s important people walking through your home are able to see their future home complete with the changes they’d like to suit their style.  Visualising through clutter is very difficult for most people.




6. Professional Photography


It’s essential your home is presented and marketed in the best possible light and quality photography can make a huge difference.  Don’t allow your Estate Agent to ruin your hard work by snapping your home with their smart phone, then using their sub-standard images to promote your home. 


Your hard work prepping your home needs to be reflected in the way your home is presented for sale in brochures. With this in mind we’d recommend investing in a professional photographer, even if this means a few extra days taking your property to market.


Special Bonus Tip – Have Fun! Be Fun!

Enjoy the process and have fun!

Your enthusiasm and love for your own home and home town can really enthuse and excite your potential buyer and go a long way to selling your home.



Who is Carl Hemming?

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Carl Hemming is well-known in and around Balsall Common as the face and voice of the Balsall Common Festival and other leading community events such as The Balsall Common Lions bonfire. Carl recently won a community award for services to the community. Carl Hemming has two decades of experience buying and selling properties nationwide and is the founder of Ginger Property. The Ginger mission to to bring fun, style and chic-boutique to the property buying and selling journey.

If you would like to know more about selling your home for a premium price call Property Expert Carl Hemming at Ginger on 01676 533 585.



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