National Award Winner to showcase safe Equity Release options

Balsall Common’s Award Winning mortgage expert Sandy Ameer-Beg is on a mission to dispel some popular misconceptions about Equity Release, where popular opinion has failed to keep up with changes brought in to protect consumers over the last decade:

“When I started in the Mortgage Industry life was very different,” explains Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy’s Principal in discussing how public opinion remains coloured by the widely reported scandals and sharp practices which were rife in the unregulated markets of the 80s, 90s and early millennium:

“Equity release is safe these days, it’s all regulated, so you can’t lose your house, plus there is also protection against negative equity.”

Legislative and regulatory changes over the last decade have changed the landscape, offering the Over 55s safer options for releasing equity tied up in property, which increasing numbers are now using to ease financial burdens, make lifestyle changes, or help family members:

“For some people, Equity Release can eliminate the stress of needing to downsize and move home, it can enable much-needed property improvements. For others, it can help cover shortfalls on mortgage plans. It also lends itself to lifestyle changes. For some, it could be the first holiday in years, for others it’s just so they can go out for coffee with friends and not have to worry about money. It’s also an increasingly popular option for helping children or grandchildren onto the property ladder.”

Sandy’s enthusiasm for helping people with financial solutions really comes across when you meet her:

“It’s great fun helping someone like that, it can be life-changing and it’s very exciting to go through that process with them.”

Free Seminar: Discover How Equity Release Can Help

For many people, Equity Release has proven to be an unexpectedly safe option for freeing up cash. Discover more about whether or not Equity Release might be a previously unforeseen financial option for you. Book a free seminar spot with Sandy in Balsall Common on Thursday 15th March 2018 by emailing or by calling 01676 533658.

Venue: The Jubilee, Station Road, Balsall Common
Date: Thursday 15 March 2018
Times: 10:30am; 1:30pm; 6:00pm

About Sandy Ameer-Beg

Sandy is renowned in the marketplace for excellent customer service and consistently high standards, having won the national Equity Release Awards Sole Trader category 3 times (2013; 2014; 2017), with Runner-Up Awards in the intervening years (2015; 2106).

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