Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess is the founder of Balsall Buzz, has lived in Balsall Common since 1985 and since the turn of the new Millenium, has become well-known for enthusiastically distributing news of happenings in and around Balsall Common to members of the local community.

As a Co-Founder of BalsallCom.Com – the ‘not-for-revenue’ online agency providing news and forums for the benefit of people living or working in Balsall Common – Craig has become an influential figure in facilitating useful connections between local businesses and residents.

Craig’s inspiration for serving the local community can be traced back to a decision he made to begin exploring web design at the turn of the new Millenium, a spell during which he developed and launched a ‘slightly underground’ and offbeat local-interest website as part of his learning.

Whilst this experimental website was allowed to fall by the wayside, the accompanying learning experience succeeded in clarifying and amplifying a previously vague ambition of creating a website capable of serving the local community.

This has since proved to have been a stepping stone towards the birth of BalsallCom.Com, the first pages of which appeared on the World Wide Web on May 1st, 2004.


The early birthing signs of BalsallCom.Com can be traced back to 2003 when Craig came into contact with Neil Cooke, a relatively new resident at the time.  Together with Craig’s long-time friend Paul Tasker, an initial concept was developed at Neil’s house in November 2003.

The resultant website was launched on 1st May 2004.

Whilst BalsallCom.Com started out as a lone website with self-contained forums, the project now delivers digital news and forums via Facebook and Twitter too.


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Who is Craig Burgess?

Craig has been something of a ‘local community activist’ over the last two decades, involving himself in many community clubs, groups and community projects.

At different times through those decades, Craig has enjoyed making significant contributions at Berkswell Cricket Club, BalsallCom.Com, Balsall Common Festival and more recently, the development of Balsall Buzz.

Balsall Common Festival

Craig was one of the founding Committee members of the popular Balsall Common Festival, which started life in 2012 as a Queen’s Jubilee celebration when Marie-Louise Marsden submitted an open letter in The Bugle Magazine seeking interested volunteers. Craig went on to serve as Festival Chairman from 2014-2015, during which time he drove a transformation of what was a predominantly fete based event, into a multi-entertainment event that introduced the regular Balsall’s Got the Voice talent contest and introduced the Balsall Common Fun Run to the community calendar.

Craig left the Festival team in 2016 to focus on other projects.

Balsall Buzz

The development of Balsall Buzz was in some ways a natural progression for Craig, having spent many years writing news and building a large network of local contacts.

The plan was to engineer a vehicle for promoting some of the best local independent firms in a way that is consultative and enables them to benefit from marketing consultancy as part of the process of promoting their brand.


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