Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess is the founder of Balsall Buzz, has lived in Balsall Common since 1985 and since the turn of the new Millenium, has become well-known for enthusiastically distributing news of happenings in and around Balsall Common to members of the local community.

As a Co-Founder of BalsallCom.Com – the ‘not-for-revenue’ provider of news and forums for people living or working in and around Balsall Common – Craig has become an influential figure in facilitating connections between local businesses and residents.

Craig’s inspiration for serving the local community can be traced back to the turn of the new Millenium, when considering potential projects for the purpose of studying web design.  After a brief spell operating a “slightly underground” local-interest website, Craig’s urge to do something more constructive slowly amplified a silent ambition of developing a website to serve the local community.

These thoughts and urges helped pave the way for the birth of BalsallCom.Com, the first pages of which appeared on the World Wide Web on May 1st, 2004.


The early birthing signs of BalsallCom.Com can be traced back to 2003 when Craig came into contact with Neil Cooke, a relatively new resident at the time.  Together with Craig’s long-time friend Paul Tasker, an initial concept was developed at Neil’s house in November 2003.

The resultant website was launched on 1st May 2004.

Whilst BalsallCom.Com started out as a lone website with self-contained forums, the project now delivers digital news and forums for audiences on Facebook and Twitter too.


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Who is Craig Burgess?

Craig has been something of a ‘local community activist’ over the last two decades, involving himself in many community clubs, groups and community projects.

Through those decades Craig has enjoyed contributing to community life in various ways through Berkswell Cricket Club, BalsallCom.Com, Balsall Common Festival and more recently, through his evangelism for the most highly regarded independent businesses in the local area.

Balsall Common Festival

Craig was one of the founding Committee members of the popular Balsall Common Festival, which started life in 2012 as a Queen’s Jubilee celebration when Marie-Louise Marsden submitted an open letter in The Bugle Magazine seeking interested volunteers.  Craig went on to serve a 2-year spell as Festival Chairman, from 2014-2015, during which time he drove a transformation of what was a predominantly fete based event, into a multi-entertainment that launched the regular Balsall’s Got the Voice talent contest and also introduced the Lily Mae Foundation’s Balsall Common Fun Run to the community calendar in 2014.

Craig left the Festival team in 2016 to focus on other projects.

Where is Craig Now in 2019?  Mid-March Update

Craig admitted himself to hospital via ambulance on Thursday 21 February 2019 with the onset of a mystery neural condition:
“I had gradually become disabled over a number of weeks, to the extent that I could no longer walk.” explains Craig
 “I knew this wasn’t a muscular problem as I could tell my nervous system was misbehaving.  Turns out I had inflammation of brain and spine, which remains undiagnosed at this stage”.
“Anyway, I spent a couple of weeks in hospital, was pumped full of mind-bending steroids which restored some of my motor ability, before coming home on Tuesday 5th March.   I could easily have still been there now though.  After my first-week the neurosurgeon started talking about my next 3-4 weeks on the Ward, a prospect I was desperate to avoid.  Life on the Neurosciences Ward wasn’t easy.
“This was a place where you were surrounded by tormented souls, facing their
demons with varying degrees of distress, especially at night.
“There was one poor elderly lady, for example, who seemed reasonably comfortable by day, but demonstrated the complexities of neurological conditions by night.  All night she would claim she could not breathe, over and over like a mantra, punctuated with the statement “I’m dying, I’m dying.”  All night.  Every night.  For someone that couldn’t breathe her lungs produced an astonishing amount of output.”
“So anyway, we came up with a plan to fast-track me out of there, something we achieved with bucket loads of mind-bending steroids and some tricky physiotherapy.”
“I’m already convinced my early return home is doing wonders for my health.  I have so much respect for the people that serve us in the NHS, the way they deal with anguished souls and their patience with people like me who rip out their cannulas and bleed everywhere is amazing!”
“We’re now in mid-March and as my condition is yet to be diagnosed I don’t really know what the next few months hold in store for me, but I’m currently discovering how to conduct my life in a ‘Business-As-Usual’ manner around my need to adapt to a less able-bodied lifestyle.  I hope it’s just a temporary aberation.  Only time will tell.”

Balsall Buzz

The development of Balsall Buzz was in some ways a natural progression for Craig, having spent many years writing news and building a large network of local contacts.

Balsall Buzz is a platform for promoting the best local independent firms in a way that allows them to benefit from marketing consultancy as part of the process of promoting their brand.


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