Sandy Ameer-Beg

Multi-Award-Winning Mortgage Consultant and mother of two Sandy Ameer-Beg lives in Balsall Common and has run her own firm Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy since 2002:

“I used to work as a Financial Planning Manager for a large bank but after having Theo, I wanted to change my life.  It was for work-life balance but also to enable me to offer a personalised service.  With the best will in the world, you couldn’t do that in such a large organisation.

“The journey started at home here in Balsall Common, working from a spare room, before we built a purpose-built office in the garden, before eventually moving to office premises in Knowle at the beginning of 2017.  We wanted to keep the business in Balsall Common but couldn’t find anywhere suitable t the time.  Now we have a team of four, comprising two advisers and two support staff.”

Big Decision

Sandy’s decision to start her own business was inspired by a number of factors:

“I had recently become a Mum and after returning to the Bank from Maternity leave I realised I wanted a role to fit around my newfound family commitments.  My husband Gavin was really supportive and encouraged me by telling me he thought I could easily take on my own venture from home.

“I took further encouragement from the Susan Jeffers book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ and made the decision to go for it.”

History has shown Sandy’s big decision was a sound one indeed, despite the troubles caused by the global financial crisis that was triggered a decade ago.

“We’ve had a lot to contend with but we’re still here helping people and gaining a great deal of fulfilment from making a difference in people’s lives along the way.”

The Business Building Journey

Running one’s own business is no walk in the park, is not for the faint-hearted and can be lonely.  You are responsible for everything and as the markets change there are big decisions to be made along the way.  When Sandy started out it was with her existing experience as a Mortgage Consultant.

“17 years ago when I started out I had no intention of getting into Equity Release but nowadays it’s a huge part of my daily work.  When I started my business I was one of those people that didn’t feel comfortable with Equity Release as a product.  Although regulations had been introduced by then to protect consumers from losing their homes, there wasn’t enough products or options to really help consumers.  When there’s not a lot of choices it’s a difficult thing to be advising on.  But then the range of products and choices began evolving, slowly at first, but the rate of change, in terms of choice has really taken off in recent times, making Equity Release much more consumer friendly.  Nowadays the market offers lots of opportunities to change people’s lives for the better, without putting them at unnecessary financial risk.”

Sandy Ameer-Beg Awards Cabinet

Sandy’s passion and enthusiasm for helping clients really jumps off the screen when viewing her impressive array of 5-star reviews on ‘VouchedFor’, the reviews website, where she has won awards for her consistently high standards.

Her reputation is further enhanced by her growing collection of business awards.

Sandy has won Best Sole Trader at the Equity Release Awards three times, in 2014, 2015 and 2017, with a further appearance as a finalist in 2016.  After all those wins it was perhaps inevitable that Sandy would be invited onto the judging panel to offer someone else a shot at the podium in 2018.

Reviews for Sandy’s Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy – Reviews for Sandy Ameer-Beg

“We love what we do and our aim is always to look after our clients.” says Sandy.

“The house purchase process involves several other professionals, our aim is to liaise with all of these individuals to ensure that it is a smooth process. Even if a problem with another member of the process arises, we will take the issue on and sort it out. We won’t just wait for others to sort things out… we are the ones clients will turn to.”

Sandy believes in doing the details others are not inspired to do and in going the extra mile:

“We’ve completed cases when clients have been turned down by banks. Just because of the way we present the cases to the lenders.”

Sandy Ameer-Beg’s Community Hat


Sandy participates in community life and is an enthusiastic supporter of local projects, supporting local groups and community events, recently sponsoring BalsallCom.Com‘s 80s Music Night at The Heart of England School.

As part of her various community-related commitments in the village, Sandy did a stint presenting a regular Finance related show on Wednesday evenings at Balsall Radio.  The Station is currently ‘off-air’ for an overhaul which is expected to take a number of months, but we’re expecting to hear news of a relaunch in the near future.