Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd

Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd is a family-run business in the West Midlands with strong connections with Balsall Common and a vision to become the UK’s Number One for polished concrete flooring.

Refined Polished Concrete Flooring in Solihull

RPCS Ltd is the brainchild of Ed Standen, a self-confessed concrete-loving obsessive, having worked in and around concrete projects from a very young age, starting as he did, helping out around his Dad’s concrete basement building business.

Ed’s mission with Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd is to transform boring concrete floors throughout the Midlands into unique stunning, iconic surfaces that will stand the test of time, treating every job as if it’s their most important to date.

His vision, ultimately, it to be recognised as the best in the UK for residential polished concrete solutions, operating nationwide.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

This shot captures work-in-progress on a sample patch in Balsall Common

This shot captures work-in-progress on a sample patch in Balsall Common

Polished concrete flooring has become increasingly fashionable throughout the UK, thanks to the evangelism of leading architects and famous interior designers. And no wonder. Polished concrete offers many benefits beyond its contemporary good looks such as:

  • Long-life
  • Unique finish
  • Healthy clean living
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-slip surface

About Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd

Richard the Cat (Refined's Polished Concrete Inspector)

Richard the Cat (Refined’s official Polished Concrete Inspector)

Managing Director Ed Standen’s passion for concrete was already firmly established when he discovered the magic of polished concrete on a trip to Australia. It was there he began learning as much as he could about its applications and it was there he began his mission to start his own polished concrete business.

“Nobody likes concrete more than me” says Ed, wearing his claim like a badge of honour.

“I love concrete! There’s a lot more to it than people think”. And Ed should know, as he has become something of a walking encyclopaedia on all things concrete, with a depth of knowledge that cascades like a torrent, given half a chance.

Upon returning to the UK, Ed soon found himself working an internship with one of the UK’s market leaders, learning the craft and honing his skills whilst ravenously consuming every morsel of knowledge possible on the subject of his new passion.

Ed launched his own business in 2016 and his work is already attracting admiring glances throughout the Midlands.


RPCS Ltd’s Trip to the Alps

RPCS Ltd have also been known to travel beyond the Midlands, as evidenced in this video of their trip to The Alps in January 2017:

Contact RPCS Ltd

Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd
221 Widney Road
Bentley Heath
West Midlands
B93 9BW

Tel: 01564 718460

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Connect with Ed Standen, MD, RPCS Ltd.

Ed Standen founded Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd in 2016, founded upon an unrivalled passion for concrete. From early beginnings, specialising in reinforced concrete basements and house building, Ed also gained experience in landscaping before getting to build his dream business specialising in polished concrete solutions for the home.

Thanks to excellent connections in the industry and worthy reputation for fine workmanship and attention to detail, Ed’s progress at RPCS Ltd is already attracting admiring glances from other providers in the marketplace.

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